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Amberg Inspection –
Make Inspections Smart

The latest version of our Software Amberg Inspections puts its focus on reducing inspection costs and optimizing the sustainability of your infrastructure. It offers a new, efficient workflow beginning with data preparation with high-resolution images scans.

The data processing can be easily done on the cloud-based platform which allows you to perform inspection tasks based on a pre-defined catalogue. In the end, the software can do a dynamic reporting with graphics or side by side overlay.

Machine learning will be part of the solution as well, helping to predict features which will arise in the future, helping you to plan infrastructure maintenance as efficient as possible. 

The future of Tunnel Inspection – See it at our booth.

The IMS family: Reduce maintenance costs and accelerate your surveying processes.

The Amberg IMS product family provides reliable and highly accurate information on track geometry and near-track objects and is used by railway professionals around the world. The latest version of the software Amberg Rail allows users even more flexibility in the configuration and digital linking of the individual Amberg system solutions for railway infrastructure surveying. 

The software is the core of the further development of the IMS systems at Amberg. With the second generation of Inertial Measuring Units (IMU) that can be used on the systems, the sensor technology has also been optimized further. 

In order to improve the handling of the system, the weight of the new IMU has been almost halved. User requirements are becoming more and more diverse, which is why Amberg offers the new models in different accuracy classes. This results in high cost efficiency and a wide range of applications.

Amberg TrackControl –
The seamless monitoring
of your railway tracks

The innovative monitoring solution for railway tracks assuring highest reliability and safety.

The latest sensor generation from TrackControl is quickly installed with flexible plug connections and innovative magnet mounting and can be extended up to a total length of 340 meters.

Amberg TrackControl monitors all safety-relevant track parameters such as superelevation, twist and vertical versine - regardless of the weather conditions and in a high interval of one minute. 

Amberg TrackControl is a proven track monitoring system, which is successfully used in projects of national and private railway companies in Switzerland, Germany and France. The reliable alarming during past failures proves the high functionality of the system. With TrackControl, you always have your track movements under control and increase the safety of your railway infrastructure.

GEOvis 4.0 –
The platform for GeoMonitoring projects

Our cloud platform enables you to efficiently manage projects with sensor data. Import, process, visualize and export measured data anytime and anywhere.

The system automates data exchange and includes digital processes such as IoT, cloud computing and decentralized, cross-interface communication.

Keep all your projects in view at all times with GEOvis 4.0.